Our values

The mission of the Group of GARO Companies focuses on assistance to the technical advance of motor transportation works, service centers and technical control stations by means of supplying them with top-quality diagnostic equipment and rendering services of assembly, training and maintenance.

When dealing with our customers and partners, we govern our actions by the following principles:
  • Aspiration to perform our operations while satisfying the customer and realizing that the customer is the major source of our business.
We are a customer-oriented organization
  • Increase of the company’s value through a continuous professional growth of each employee, perfection of inter-company relations and implementation of advanced technologies.
Our personnel is our greatest asset.
  • Willingness to change and aim to do new things and to study market in order to perfect products we are currently manufacturing and come up with new items
We are a continuously progressing organization.
  • Ensure constant quality-related information flows for maintaining the quality management system in a working order. Make managerial decisions based on solid facts.
We are a soundly managed organization.
  • In order to achieve our strategic objective, making the Quality Policy transparent and focusing on the long-term interests of both customers and suppliers.
We work for those and with those who stake on quality.

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