The best independent car-service station-2015

9c22adfb8bdf4e1fa5c6e3f21a307d5bOn November 23-24, 2015 in Moscow took place a final of the contest «The best independent car service station-2015″. The Group of GARO Companies was a parthner of the competiton. The main aim of the contest is to increase the importance and image of car-service consultants, public and professional status workers of car-repair service stations. In the contest could participate consultants and car-service stations from whole territiry of Russian Federation, except official dealer stations. The registration of the participants started in August 2015, and in November a final was hosted. According to the test’s results there were named the winners and laureates of the contest in nomination «The best car-service consultant», the winner in nomination «The best independent car service station-2015″ was defined under analysis of the activiry for over 1 year. The Group of GARO Companies congratulates the winners and wishes professional sucsess. The contest’s winners in nomination «The best car-service consultant»: Makarov Anton, «Bosch autoservice Korolev» (Korolev); Simonov Dmitry, ТСС «Formula» (Yaroslavl); Zosimov Vayatcheslav, Autoservice «AvtoOkey» (Samaraа). The contest’s winners in nomination «he best independent car service station-2015″: STO «Oktopos» (Obninskк); Autocenter «Good Garage» (Irkutsk); Autocenter «Dilizhans» (Saint-Peterburg). Let us mark that the contest’s winners was prized by special gifts from the Group of GARO Companies. 9c22adfb8bdf4e1fa5c6e3f21a307d5b
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