Corporate training “Elections”


A system of internal corporate training is one of the main tools for the improving the work of employees.

Undoubtedly each company decides what this system should be like according to the company’s possibilities, strategy and the specifics of the enterprise. That is why the regular corporate training plays a very important role in the business development due to the fact that a highly qualified staff is the guaranty of any company’s success and, at the same time, is a critical resource.

The role of corporate training can not be overestimated: the staff exchange experience during such training; furthermore it allows to speed up the process of adaptation, introduces a company’s history and traditions, rallies a team and implements the behavior, management and communication standards.

In 2015 the training was organized for the staff of Group of GARO Companies. It included the following themes: time-management, budgeting, management accounting, sales system organizing, production planning, quality management, innovative activity at the enterprise as well as a highly specialized training on the issues of the technical maintenance of buildings and structures.

On December 18th, 2015 a final session took place. It was carried out in the form of a business-training “Elections” as this method allows to use the employees’ potential nearly in full.

This method is considered to be the most effective and the fastest way of the improving the working quality, through the acquisition of necessary new practical skills.

The main aims of the business-training were:

— gaining the experience ofpublic speaking;

— gaining the experience of market situation modeling;

— making the sales plan for diagnostic equipment for control and testing the equipment units demounted from a car in the conditions of a specific market situation;

— gaining the experience of high-technological product naming;

— making a unique selling proposal for diagnostic benches.

The assessment of the coherence in teams, the completeness of the performance of tasks, competence and brightness of the presentations were estimated by a strict jury:

Vitaliy Polozov – director NAO “GARO-Trade”

Alexander Krupin – director OOO “CINUS zavoda “GARO”

Nataliaya Khaymina – head of administrative department OOO “Group of GARO Companies”.

Congratulations to our winners:

-Stikharev Vadim

-Evdokimov Igor

— Kozlov Mikhail

There were also winners in two special categories: “The most interesting question” and “The most competent answer”. And the winners in these nominations were Oleg Popov and Stikharev Vadim.

We would like to notice that an educational programme for 2016 is being worked at now in the company. The programme will include such themes as sales and marketing management, personal effectiveness, business administration.

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