The Ministry of Internal Affairs once again suggests tightening the control under the technical inspection procedure


The working-out of the project of changes to the Federal legislation was assigned to the department in compliance with the results of the State Council Presidium that took place in March, 2016.

According to the statistics of MIA of the Russian Federation the number of road accidents due to disabled vehicles increased noticeable. On the official evidence 2.5 thousand road accidents were caused by technically faulty vehicles in 2015.

The officials see the main cause of the problem in a non-qualified or even fictitious technical inspection. “The work aspects of technical inspection operators are beyond the control, which results in the increase of providing of unqualified services, the creating of the unfair sectoral competition, the spreading of the mass falsification of the data regarding the technical inspection and discrediting the institution of the technical inspection in whole”- the developers of the document say. Now The Ministry of Internal Affairs suggests changing the Supervisory authority and tightening the control over the technical inspection procedure. In particular, the officials want to transfer the function of operators’ accreditation from Russian Union of Insurers to Rosakkreditation, that will be empowered to execute scheduled and unscheduled inspections, to extend or to narrow the accreditation sphere, to acknowledge the competence of accredited companies and to terminate the accreditation. Moreover the legislation imposes to carry out the field inspections by accreditation commissions with the participation of MIA representatives.

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