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Corporative training

IMG_2241-300x225Corporative training is a special method of the organization of the training of a personnel.

Obviously, that the programs of corporative training are being created especially for a particular company and are oriented on the staff development and its preparation for changes in the enterprise.

The conditions of work in the market of diagnostic and car-repairing equipment are changing continuously, and that issues the challenge before the personnel of the company to introduce and to apply new sales techniques, stimulates the increase of communication possibilities, and changes the current management process.

Taking into account the specificity of work in Group of GARO Companies a program of corporative training has been developed. The program covers the spheres of an activity planning, an efficient manufacture management, a budgeting, and a construction of management accounting system, an effective assets management, as well as fire prevention, protection of labour.

Almost all structural departments take part in the educational process.

The program is intended both for executives and for specialists. The program is going to have been realized till the end of 2015.

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Government allocates resources in order to support automobile industry


The Government of the Russian Federation is considering to provide extra support to automobile industry in the second half of 2015.

Ministry of Industry and trade can allocate resourses to support automarket, including recycling program and concessional lending.

The Minister of Industry and trade — Denis Manturov estimated the volume of funds to support demand on new vehicles in amount of 10 billions rubles, besides, another 10 billions rubles can be allocated to direct purchase of cars.

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Best wishes for the Day of Russia!

day_russia2The Day of Russia is a holiday which symbolizes not only the state’s independence, but the unite of multicultural nation of our country, too.

In fact the main richness of our motherland is talented, industrious and energetic people whose joint efforts will make the country successful and prosperous.

The present and the future of our country is depend on everybody, on everyone’s labor, initiative and civil liabilities.

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A seminar on tire-changing equipment for the industry specialists

S830On June, 2 2015 the Group of GARO Companies is conducting a seminar on the problems of Giuliano tire-changing equipment sales and servicing.

The seminar will take place in the demo-center of GARO’s dealer GARO-System LLC to the following address: Tomsk, Energetichskaya str., 2a

The main goals of the seminar are as follows:

— to get acquainted with technological solutions and distinguishing features of the equipment range of Giuliano production;

— to train managers in the field of equipment sales and maintenance;

— to get acquainted with the methods applied during the work with difficult wheels RUN FLAT;

— to train the specialists of service departments. The following equipment will be shown to the participants:

— tire-changing benches for passenger car wheels: S226, S228 Pro;

— a wheel-balancing bench S830; — an additional double arm to ease mounting operations of low profiled and UHP tyres HP-2;

— a QX- additional helping device

For more details please contact us 8-800-700-12-12
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Congratulations with the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War!

скачанные файлыDear veterans and Novgorodians!

The team of the Group of GARO Companies is congratulating you with the anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945.

May 9th is a holy day for each and every one of us, the day of joy and pride for our country and its heroes, and the day of boundless sorrow about those who has not returned to their families.

We will always be grateful to all of you who has overcome losses and hardship in the times of war, defended the freedom and given us an opportunity to live in our Motherland.

Our deepest gratitude to you, the heroes of the Great Victory!

On this solemn date, we wish everyone bright sun and clear skies above, health, happiness and well-being.

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Changes in the laws of the Russian Federation in the sphere of tariff regulation of vehicle technical inspection services.

скачанные файлыOn April, 10, 2015 in Moscow with the participation of the Ministry of economical development, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of transport, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Federal tariff service, Russian Association of Motor Insurers, OAO “NIIAT” and trade unions of vehicle technical inspection operators the Conference of regulating authorities of territorial entities of the Russian Federation took place. It was devoted to the changes in the legislation of the Russia Federation in the sphere of tariff regulations of vehicle technical control inspection and movement and storage of arrested vehicles.

Within the event program experience exchanges in the field of traffic safety took place and the questions of innovation in legislation of the Russian Federation of vehicle technical inspection were discussed:

— functional changes of federal executive authorities and territorial entities of the Russian Federation; — new items in the monitoring of the process of vehicle technical control inspection;

— problems of technical diagnostics;

— the requirements to the production and technical base necessary to provide vehicle technical inspection process and being the basis for the tariff working out;

— the status, the role and the responsibility of technical experts of technical vehicle inspection operators;

Conceptual approaches to basic tariff calculation and settings, fare rules to the vehicle technical inspection services, price limits: — the transition from maximum payment amount for technical vehicle inspection to basic amount of payment and to price limits. The control and supervision in the sphere of technical inspection:

— the prevention of violations in the activity of technical inspection operators; the responsibility of participants of technical inspection system;

— the role and the tasks of trade unions of technical inspection operators with the aim to provide better qualities of services.

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Public Council under the Ministry of Internal Affairs discussed questions regarding traffic safety

СоветOn April, 6 2015 in the Ministry of Internal Affairs held a meeting of the Presidium of Public Council of the governmental agency. The event was dedicated to the questions of traffic safety. To the issues discussion were brought the representatives of public authorities, among them Attorney General’s Office of the Russian Federation, Federal road agency of Ministry of transport, Federal agency of technical regulations and metrology, Public Council of Ministry of transport, State-owned company “Russian automobile roads”. During the discussion the problems of securing of road safety with technical devices were considered.

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Group of GARO Companies participated in the 9th St. Petersburg Partneriat for SMEs – St. Petersburg-Russian and foreign regions.

новгородская обл 17.03.2015Group of GARO Companies participated in the 9th St. Petersburg Partneriat for SMEs – St. Petersburg-Russian and foreign regions. St. Petersburg Partneriat for SMEs was held on March, 25-27 in St. Petersburg (EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Centre) along with the St. Petersburg Technical Fair.

The participation was possible thanks to Novgorod export support center and Department of Economic Development and Trade of Novgorod region.

The Partneriat is the largest event in Russia covering the issues of economic cooperation and international relations. The main goal of the Partneriat is to stimulate economic growth, to strengthen interregional relations and to provide favorable conditions for efficient dialogue and partnerships, information exchange, building and development of contacts among partners, customers and investors.

All visitors of the regional exhibition could get information about Group of GARO Companies at the booth of Novgorod region and also get an additional material and catalogues of car-repairing equipment supplied by Group of GARO Companies.

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Group of GARO Companies announces a tender for exhibition booth construction

Бланк 011ZAO “GARO-Trade” informs the display booth builders that in a period of March, 23-April, 24 2015 the company is holding a tender in order to build our booth at InterAuto-2015 exhibition.

We will demonstrate autoservice and technical control equipment, which includes large-size equipment and everyone should take it into account while making a presentation for the tender.

To enter the tender you need to send a PDF-document, made in your corporate style with the following content:

  1. Short presentation of a company.
  2. The information about your projects on the similar exhibitions for the period 2013-2014, as follows: photo, booth area, a price of construction for a square meter.
  3. The whole presentation should be no more than 4 sheets.

Warning! We will welcome all your proposals for consideration in case they meet the foresaid requirements.

You can send your presentation to the following e-mail: market@novgaro.ru For more information, please, contact us: +7(8162) 940-949
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Webinar. Modern wheel-balancing equipment for vehicles by Giuliano Industrial S.p.A.

Sg1jgwD-jNoDear Partners!

On March 10, 2015 the specialists of Group of GARO Companies are organizing the third online seminar from the cycle of webinars “Tire-changing and wheel-balancing equipment by Giuliano. Innovative patented solutions”.

Webinar will touch upon the questions of Giuliano wheel-balancing equipment operation.

The themes of the webinar:

— Giuliano wheel-balancing equipment range;

— The review of the innovated patented solutions within the Giuliano wheel-balancing equipment range.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to forward them by e-mail to the following address: market@novgaro.ru or to post a comment at our official social networks www.vk.com/garotrade or www.twitter.com/garotrade

Our media partner is publishing house “Autobusiness news”.
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